About Us!

We are a full-service timing company located in North Texas and in the business over 20 years.

If you are looking for Disposable Chip Timing, finish line management, online registration, equipment rental, event consultation or other related services for your event...look no further!  Please visit our References page for our Stellar reviews!!!!!

Chip-2-Chip has partnered with MyLaps Sports Timing (MYLAPS) to offer our clients the best in class timing system to measure, publish and analyze race results for all you're running events. The Disposable BibTag System includes:

BibTag - Timing Tag is integrated on to the Bib
Completely Disposable
Reliable Timing Solution for Events
Anti-Slip Modular Detection Mats

6 number digital time clock display

22 ft. across inflatable arch
Minimum Amount of Pre-race and Post-race Handling
Easily Used by Participants


MYLAPS TIMING SYSTEM, records your time precisely from start to finish. MYLAPS is the latest, state-of-the-art timing technology. Your timing tag is disposable and is attached to your Bib Number. 

For Information Please Contact Us Via Email or Call (214) 906-4727

What we can help you with. We serve the running event community with a comprehensive range of services to help make your event a complete success, electronic race timing, online registration and finish line services, posting on several race calendars. We service numerous communities. Our technology is "second-to-none". Below is a list of how we can help provide you the solution you need:

Online registration

Flexible, full-featured and affordable registration services with the ability to manage or have access to your registrants. You can list your sponsors and also have volunteers sign up at no cost. Suggestions for Registration sites and you can create your own registration site.  

Donations and Fundraising

Easily collect online donations and allow your participants to promote personal fundraising pages in conjunction with your events.

Race/bib Numbers

Basic or fully-customized (extra charge). Raise your participants' experience with Custom Bibs designed for your event ONLY!

Consultation is Second to None.  

We help potential  Race Directors through the whole process of having an event.  We can supply templates for donations, donation letters, who you need to contact, where to find course maps, how to make your own course map, where to get medals, tees, sponsors and a plethora of information to make the Race Director's job easier!

Finish Line

LIVE RESULTS and printed results for your convenience. Bring credibility to your event with professional finish-line services, including an arch and large digital display timing clock.

Electronic Timing

State-of-the-art disposable chip timing technology.

Flexible Awards and Scoring

MYLAPS Sports Timing

MyLaps is the partner of choice for professional and amateur sports organizations around the world. Their customers include timekeepers, clubs, event organizers, federations, track owners, participants and spectators.

MYLAPS is the leader in research and development in sports timing, setting the world standard in automated timing solutions. They constantly work to develop new technological innovations that will further enhance the customers’ sports experience.

MYLAPS takes sports timing solutions to the next level.